"Inclusion in Action eLearning not only brings attention to inclusion as a necessary leadership skill, it teaches skills that everyone in an organization can learn and practice. Best of all, the vignettes are realistic and really grab your attention."

Gerry Fernandez, President and Founder
Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA)

"My experience and my team's experience with the Inclusion in Action eLearning has been phenomenal. It has really allowed us to step outside of our comfort zone, learn new things about ourselves and our peers, the people that we work with and interact with on a daily basis, both within the company as well as in our personal lives. Just to help us be better rounded and more understanding individuals with a common goal."

Erin Waymire, Operations Manager, Liberty Mutual

"First hand, I've witnessed the impact of this eLearning series providing easy to learn skills for everyday cross-cultural interactions resulting in strengthened collaboration. As a D&I consultant and facilitator, I’ve seen people take real steps to being inclusive - which means recognizing and utilizing differences."                                      

Joe Steele MBA, Consultant, VISIONS

"This interactive, skills-based eLearning program is powerful, both in content and methodology. Inclusion in Action’s modular format provides flexibility. You can concentrate the learning for immediate impact. Or roll it out over time, progressively building communication and collaboration skills while supporting a consistent Inclusion message in your organization."

Leslie Aguilar, Facilitator,
Author of "Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts" and CEO of ITD International Training & Development
The voices of experience
Image of people ready to testimonials about inclusion and diversity

"As a manager, I feel supported to be more engaged with my team, to show transparency, to create healthy competition in the team and it's also given me the opportunity to show them that they have a voice that they can be empowered to have open and transparent conversations with me on how they're feeling."

Candice Webber, Supervisor / Manager, Liberty Mutual  

"These 9 skills are game changers. We can find talented people and bring them in, but if we don't create an environment where we hear every single voice then what good does it do us if we're not going to listen to them? And the only way for us to listen and hear is for us to be inclusive of everyone's style, their thoughts."

Myrna L. Estrada, SVP, Field Executive, Central Region, Liberty Mutual