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How Can You Attract and Retain Quality Talent?

Inclusion in Action eLearning helps organizations build an inclusive environment which is critical to attracting and retaining high performing talent.

Are you aspiring for greater innovation? Start or continue your diversity and inclusion journey by putting inclusion into action and experience increased engagement. Watch collaboration come alive.

Inclusion in Action is an award-winning, self-paced, interactive course that leads employees through 9 video scenarios that draw on real-life workplace situations, to illustrate and teach 9 important inclusion skills that everyone can learn and practice.

This breakthrough eLearning helps you attract and retain talent because it builds inclusion and supports collaboration across similarities and differences. When everyone feels welcome, collaboration is accelerated and innovation becomes a reality.

This SCORM 1.2 course can be installed on your LMS or you can access our LMS. Call for licensing info: 877-772-2111

PODCAST: Dawn Frazier-Bohnert talks about the unique training effort at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Listen to the new podcast with Dawn Frazier-Bohnert, @LibertyMutual, Executive Vice President, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, discussing Inclusion in Action. Liberty Mutual developed this eLearning video series with the goal of continuing to build a more inclusive workplace. Based on their success they decided to make this eLearning available to other organizations.

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Watch the 3-minute Demo Video to see the high level of engagement and interactivity that propels the learning and keeps you engaged throughout each of the 9 modules of this eLearning course.

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"These 9 skills are game changers. We can find talented people and bring them in, but if we don't create an environment where we hear every single voice, then what good does it do us if we're not going to listen to them? And the only way for us to listen and hear is for us to be inclusive of everyone's style, their thoughts."

Myrna L. Estrada
SVP, Field Executive, Central Region • Liberty Mutual

Fill out to receive an email link to the full 9-module course.

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Inclusion in Action eLearning was Developed by Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance recognized the need to move
employees from awareness to action in Diversity & Inclusion

An inclusive work environment is critical to attracting and retaining a level of high performing talent that can create a competitive advantage. But you don’t build an inclusive workplace through D&I awareness alone.  

At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we saw the need to move our employees from awareness to action. We developed a baseline of foundational skills that would help people communicate in an authentic and honest way across differences.

The result, Inclusion in Action, is an eLearning video series that teaches 9 skills for inclusive communication and collaboration. It uses real-life scenarios that are relatable and easy to understand. They inspire and demonstrate how having more inclusive conversations can benefit a company and individuals.

Our team also developed an entire protocol for implementing and following up on the training. This was critical to help us take maximum advantage of this eLearning and make these important skills available to our employees.

The Inclusion in Action eLearning course and video series

  • Used successfully by more than 35K employees and counting
  • Part of the onboarding process for all new Liberty employees
  • Average employee rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Not your everyday corporate training! Inclusion in Action includes Telly award-winning learning videos.
  • Leaders say their team members continue to use and benefit from the skills long after they finish the eLearning 

We’re proud to share Inclusion in Action with you
Based on our success, we want to make this eLearning available to other organizations, so they too can begin to build a more inclusive workplace.


Dawn Frazier-Bohnert
Senior Vice President and Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer

“At Liberty, we've been driving diversity and inclusion forward as a business strategy to strengthen our success in markets around the world.

We know we have more to do in the D&I space and we're excited about the progress we've made as an organization.

In our efforts to take action to become more inclusive, we needed to find a way to make inclusion real and actionable. This is one of the most important steps we've taken in our journey, setting a new course for more than 35,000 people.”